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LG AKB75675311 replacement remote control of the same appearance

LG replacement remote control. DOES NOT NEED CODES. For example for 32LM630 32LM6300 43LM6300 43UK6750 43UM7100 43UM71007 43UM7390 43UM7400 49UM7100 49UM71007 49UM7390 49UM7400 55UK6750 55UM7100 55UM71007 55UM7400 60UM71007 60UM7100 65UK6750 65UM7100 65UM740010UMUM00 Read more ...

11.6 € (51.4 zł)
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5.9 €
Code: X4097replika
  Pro modely  43UM7390, 49UM7000PLA, 55UM7400PLB,32LM630, 49UM7100, 60UM7100,32LM6300, 49UM71007, 60UM71007,32LM6300PLA, 49UM71007LB, 60UM71007LB,32LM630BPLA, 49UM7100PLB, 60UM7100PLB,43LM6300, 49UM7390, 65UK6750,43LM6300PLA, 49UM7390PLC, 65UM7000PLA,43UK6750, 49UM7400, 65UM7100,43UM7000PLA, 49UM7400PLB, 65UM7100PLA,43UM7100, 55UK6750, 65UM7400,43UM71007, 55UM7000PLC, 65UM7400PLB,43UM71007LB, 55UM7100, 70UM7100,43UM7100PLB, 55UM71007, 70UM7100PLA,43UM7390PLC, 55UM71007LB, 75UM7000PLA,43UM7400, 55UM7100PLB, 75UM7110, Podporované typy LG TV: 32LM6300, 32LM6300PLA, 43UM7100, 43UM7100PLB, 49UM7100, 49UM7100PLB, 55UM71007, 55UM71007LB, 65UM7400, 65UM7400PLB, 75UM7110, 75UM7110PLB, 32LM6300PLA, 32LM630BPLA, 43LM6300PLA, 43UM7000PLA, 43UM71007LB, 43UM7100PLB, 43UM7390PLC, 43UM7400PLB, 49UM7000PLA, 49UM71007LB, 49UM7100PLB, 49UM7390PLC,49UM7400PLB, 55UM7000PLC, 55UM71007LB, 55UM7100PLB, 55UM7400PLB, 60UM71007LB, 60UM7100PLB, 65UM7000PLA, 65UM7100PLA, 65UM7400PLB, 70UM7100PLA, 75UM7000PLA, 75UM7110PLB
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