Panasonic universal remote control without entering codes.

PANASONIC. This remote control requires no programming or code entry. WITHOUT 3D BUTTON. Check the availability of all the functions you require according to the picture. Just insert the batteries and it works just like the original. The driver replaces the following Panasonic Panasonic Viera TV remote control models: TX-L37G15E, TX-P42S30B TX-P42S30E TX-P50G20E TX-P50G30B, TH-D42PN83E, TX-32LXD60A, TX-P42C10E, TXP42S3OE, TX-P42S30 Read more ...

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Pouze pokud jste měli podobný ovladač tomu na obrázku. Existují modely se zcela jiným ovladač, na které tento nefunguje. V případě nejasností se raději zeptejte na Nahrazuje originální dálkové ovladače Panasonic: N2QAYB000291, N2QAYB000222 ,N2QAYB000353, N2QAYB000354, N2QAYB000428, N2QAYB000420, N2QAYB000181, N2QAYB000114, N2QAYB000487, N2QAYB000489 N2QAYB000489, N2QAYB000504, N2QAYB000490,N2QAYB000572, N2QAYB000672, N2QAYB000673, N2QAYB000717,  N2QAYB000807EUR765109A, EUR7651090,EUR7651090A, EUR7651010, EUR7651010A, EUR765101B, EUR765101C. EUR7651080A EUR7651090A EUR7651009A N2QBYB000019 N2QAYB000353N2QAYB000487N2QAYB000490N2QAYB000572 N2QAYB000573 N2QAYB000048N2QAYB000815EUR7651110 N2QAYB001009 N2QAYB001010 N2QAYB001011 N2QAYB000830 N2QAYB000666 N2QAYA000097 EUR7651120 EUR7628010 EUR7628030 N2QAYB000116 N2QAYB001111 N2QAYB001115 N2QAYB001109       Možno použít  například pro  TXP42U10E TX-P42U10E TXP42U2 TX-P42U2, TX-L42EW6, TH-42PV45EH
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