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Samsung BN59-01242A EMERX brand remote control with microphone

TM1750A remote control This is a radio control with Bixby voice commands. For example, for a number KS, KU: UE55KS9090TXZG BN5901242A, UE40MU6172U, UE50MU6172, UE43MU6172U, UE43MU6172UXXH, UE75MU6172U, UE65KS8002, UE55KS7002, UE40KU6450, UE40KU6452, UE40KU6455, UE40KU6459, UE40KU6470, UE40KU6472, UE40KU6475, UE40KU6479, UE43KS7500, UE43KS7502, UE43KS7505, UE43KS7580, UE43KS7590 , UE43KU6640, UE43KU6642, UE43KU6645, UE43KU6649, UE43KU6650, UE43KU6652, UE43KU6655, UE43KU6659, UE43KU6670, UE43KU6672, UE43KU6675, UE43KU6679, UE43KU7500, UE49KS7000, UE49KS7002, UE49KS7005, UE49KS7080, UE49KS7090, UE49KS7500, UE49KS7502, UE49KS7505, UE49KS7580, UE49KS7590, UE49KS8000, UE49KS8002 , UE49KS8005, UE49KS8080, UE49KS8090, UE49KS8500, UE49KS9000, UE49KS9002, UE49KS9005, UE49KS9080, UE49KS9090, UE49KU6450, UE49KU6452, UE49KU6455, UE49KU6459, UE49KU6470, UE49KU6472, UE49KU6475, UE49KU6479, UE49KU6640, UE49KU6642, UE49KU6645, UE49KU6649, UE49KU6650, UE49KU6652, UE49KU6655, UE49KU6659 , UE49KU6670, UE49KU6672, UE49KU6675, UE49KU6679, UE49KU7500, UE55KS7000, UE55KS7002, UE55KS7005 , UE55KS7009 Read more ...

29.9 € (132.6 zł)
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RC manufactured for EMERX. Same quality as the original.  How do I pair the Smart controller with the TV? • Keep the TV on when trying to pair. • Hold the remote control at a distance of approx. 10-20 cm from the TV. Press the buttons   and  at the same time to start pairing and the TV informs you.

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