Sencor universal remote control

Universal remote control for the above TVs brands Mascom, Sencor, Changhong, AEG, CWR-TECH, ECG, Gogen, Hometech, Inspira, Maxton, Orava, Schaub-Lorenz Read more ...

10.7 € (47.4 zł)
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5.9 €
Code: X0940_1@ad
AEG: (001) CTV4833ST/VTBEKO: (029) Beko6, FB7XB203CHANGHONG:(008) E19X718(009) GHK-4821-002, LT26GF01EB(010) GK23J2-C8, LT15GL06E, LT15GL12E, LT15GL88E, LT19GL06E, LT19GL23E, LT20GL12E, LT20GL88E, LT22GL23E, LT26GH01E, LT26GH12E, LT26GH29E, LT26GH88E, LT26GJ01EB, LT32GH01E, LT32GH12E, LT32GH88E, LT32GJ01EB, LT32GJ29E, LT37GH01E, LT37GJ01EB, LT37GJ29E, LT42GH01E, LT42GJ01EB, LT42GJ29E, PT42GJ26E(011) 7K51, JL-7K51(012) PF29T18(013) KLC5A(024) SS146B08, SS216B08CWR-TECH:(001) CTV1437T, CTV2121T(005) CTV1437T, CTV2137ST ECG:(004) 14TM00/10/30, 14TM10, 20CL02, 21TM00/10/30, 21TS00, 21TS00/02/03, 28TS00, 29TS02/22/32/52, 29TS52, 32TS52, 32TW52, 33TS50(013) E8201804930L(014) 22DHD84, RC-D3-02, RC-D3-03(023) BEXLX187R-2, SLT3208 (024) CRTETE-2, E82018002942B(027) 29TS42, BNW1187R, SLT1504, SLT2002GOGEN:(006) TV RFS 7274 DVB-T(007) PDP-4217HDHOMETECH:(001) CTV1431, CTV2118, CTV2121T, CTV2822ST, CTV28Q1STINSPIRA:(001) 14IN105T, 20-21, 21IN255T(015) SOMEMODELSMAXTON:(002) S28S11XS(003) MT14S55X, MT-21M11XORAVA:(003) TVP370A, TVP-375, TVP553ASCHAUB-LORENZ:(004) LT20-61H1-6, SF21-21F2-6, SF28-41H1-6, SF289-41-6, SF29-51H1-6PIP, ST21F2-6, ST28-31F1-6, ST28-41H1-6SENCOR :(003) STV2903 flat(004) STV2102 flat, STV21S05 flat(016) SPV6701T(017) 19-7711, RC19, SLT1506(018) 06-015W30-A201X, 10849C000325, 313923810572, CP03, RC1113022/00, STV21S14(019) SLT1505(020) SLT2214DVBT(021) SLT2606LCD(022) SLT3202, SLT3203, ZR4187R(023) 16-2830T, 19-3821, 19-3822, 19-3831T, 2830TVISION3, 2-RCH5J52, 32LHD32DVBT, 720117144300, BEXLX187R-2, BXLX187R, SLT1611DVBT, SLT2609, SLT3208(024) SS146B08(025) STV1402(026) STV2107FLAT, STV21S08FLAT(027) 29TS42, BNW1187R, NW1187R, SLT1504, SLT2002, STV2112, STV29S71DVBT(028) STV2904, RC2440(029) Sencor STV1401, STV1401, STV2102FLAT, STV21S05
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