JVC UCT-052 universal remote control without programming

JVC replacement remote control. does not need codes. Replaces drivers RMC407, RMC485, RMC99, Read more ...

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076R0QZ011 RM-C237 RM-C439 RM-C547RM-710R                  RM-C239 RM-C440 RM-C548RM-C1013 RM-C300 RM-C447 RM-C565RM-C110                  RM-C331 RM-C448 RM-C567RM-C115                  RM-C333 RM-C457 RM-C601RM-C117                    RM-C334 RM-C459 RM-C620RM-C1223 RM-C348 RM-C461 RM-C637RM-C1261 RM-C355 RM-C462 RM-C680RM-C1302 RM-C357 RM-C463 RM-C683RM-C1303 RM-C360 RM-C470 RM-C696RM-C1307 RM-C361 RM-C472 RM-C70RM-C1309 RM-C362 RM-C477 RM-C90RM-C1311 RM-C364 RM-C480 RM-C92RM-C214                  RM-C368 RM-C482 RM-C993RM-C220                  RM-C402 RM-C483 RM-C995RM-C223                  RM-C407 RM-C485 RM-C996RM-C225 RM-C408 RM-C488 RN-C549RM-C227 RM-C416 RM-C495 RM-C232 RM-C423 RM-C498 RM-C235 RM-C430 RM-C530
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