Needle for Gramophone ST05D stylus.

Auna 10008988, 10008990, 10008992, 10008989, 10007043, 10007044, 10007329, 10006791, 10006303, 10004797, 10000109, 10000343, 10008991, 10008992, 10015399, 10015815, 10018519, 10021685, 10021700, 10004214 U.P.O. S CZ-800-3 RED CERAMIC <br/><br/>Shodné s hrotem Sanyo ST05D, ST 05 D, ST-05, ST05<br/><br/>Platinium MUSIC CENTER 5V1 E-6289, RETRO GRAMOFON S CD RP-013C<br/><br/>Roadstar HIF-1899TUMPK<br/><br/>Hyundai Retro RTCC 513 RIP - Jehla pro gramofony Hyundai Retro černá / červená<br/><br/>Philips GP-209 996580000354<br/><br/>Fenton RP180<br/><br/>GPO GPO16 Retro náhradní hrot pro Stylo, Attache, Stylo II, Flight, Soho, Picadilly a Ambassado<br/>GPO GPO32 Retro náhradní hrot pro Chesterton, Chesterton DAB, Bermuda, Jam, Empire

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