Philips RM-L1125 universal remote control without entering codes.

Replacement remote control for philips TVs. Replaces remote controls: 242254902543, 242254990421, 313923819881, 313923823491, 99659000044, 996590006194. Read more ...

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Náhradní dálkový ovladač Philips RM-L1125 je kompatibilní s těmito modely TV: 32HFL3007D/10, 32HFL3008D, 32HFL3010T, 32HFL3010W, 32HFL5000, 32HFL5008, 32HFL5008/D12, 32HFL5010T, 32PFH4309, 32PFL3078K/12, 32PFL3406H/12, 32PFL3406H/58, 32PFL3505H/12, 32PFL3506H/58, 32PFL3606H/12, 32PFL3606H/58, 32PFL3606H/60, 32PFL4606H, 32PFL4606H/12, 32PFL4606H/58, 32PFL4606H/60, 32PFL5206H/58, 32PFL5306H/12, 32PFL5306H/58, 32PFL5406H, 32PFL5406H/58, 32PFL5606H, 32PFL5606H/58, 32PFL5806K/02, 32PFL6606, 32PFL6606H, 32PFL6606H/12, 32PFL6606K, 32PFL6626H, 32PFL6626K, 32PFL6636H, 32PFL6636K, 32PFL9606H/12, 32PFL9606K/02, 32PFL9606M/08, 32PFL9606T/12, 32PFS4131, 37PFL4606H, 37PFL4606H/12, 37PFL4606H/58, 37PFL4606H/90, 37PFL6606, 37PFL6606H, 37PFL6606H/12, 37PFL6606H/60, 37PFL6606K/02, 37PFL6606M/08, 37PFL6606T/12, 37PFL7676H/12, 37PFL7676K/02, 37PFL9606H/12, 37PFL9606K/02, 37PFL9606M/08, 37PFL9606T/12, 39HFL3008D, 39HFL3010T, 40HFL3010T, 40HFL5008D/12, 40HFL5010T, 40PFL5606H, 40PFL5606H/58, 40PFL5806D/78, 40PFL5806K/02, 40PFL6606, 40PFL6606D/77, 40PFL6606H, 40PFL6606H/12, 40PFL6606K, 40PFL6608D/78, 40PFL6608H/12, 40PFL6608H/60, 40PFL6608K802, 40PFL6608M/08, 40PFL6608T/12, 40PFL6626H, 40PFL6626H/12, 40PFL6626K, 40PFL6636, 40PFL6636H, 40PFL6636H/12, 40PFL6636K/02, 40PFL6636M/08, 40PFL6636T/12, 40PFL7007H/12, 40PFL8007S/12, 40PFL8008S/12, 40PFL8606H/12, 40PFL8606K/02, 40PFL8606M/08, 40PFL8606T/12, 40PFL9606H/12, 40PFL9606K/02, 42HFL3007D/10, 42HFL3008D, 42HFL7108, 42PDL6907H/12, 42PFL3505H, 42PFL3505H/12, 42PFL3507H/12, 42PFL3506H/58, 42PFL3606H, 42PFL3606H/12, 42PFL3606H/58, 42PFL3606H/60, 42PFL4307H, 42PFL4307H/12, 42PFL4307K, 42PFL4307K/12, 42PFL4307T, 42PFL4307T/12, 42PFL4317H, 42PFL4317H/12, 42PFL4317K, 42PFL4317K/12, 42PFL4317T, 42PFL4317T/12, 42PFL4606H, 42PFL4606H/58, 42PFL5008M/08, 42PFL6907H/12, 42PFL7008H/12, 42PFL7008S/12, 42PFL7108H/12, 42PFL7108S/12, 42PFL7676H/12, 42PFL7676K/02, 42PFL7676T/12 Ovladač je kompatibilní s originálními ovladači:  242254902543, 242254990421, 313923819881, 313923823491, 99659000044, 996590006194 BP6, RC1904, RC2143, RC283207/01, RC647340, RC7843, RC8922, BR5502, RC1904/01, RC2149, RC283501, RC6805, RC7847, RC8925, HE888, RC19042001, RC2285/01, RC283501/01, RC7502, RC7848, RC8926/01, NZS2040, RC19042001/01, RC25109/01, RC283502/01, RC7507, RC7854, RC8927, NZS2050, RC19042004, RC25109/01, RC283503, RC7533, RC7940, RC9057, P6-P1, RC19042011, RC2512, RC283510/01, RC7535, RC7943, RC9067, PH308, RC19042013, RC2521, RC2882, RC7599, RC7952, RC9133, PH309, RC19042018/01, RC2525, RC3010, RC7801, RC7953, RC9500, PH313, RC19329002/01, RC2525/01, RC4301, RC7802, RC7954, RC9820BK, PH916, RC19335001, RC2529/01, RC4337, RC7802S, RC7959, RCU8434, RC19335003/01, RC2533, RC4361, RC7802-S, RC8201, RP420, PR106, RC19335004, RC2541, RC5, RC7802-S, RC8201/01, RP520, RC0301/01, RC19335005/01, RC2543, RC5410, RC7805, RC8205, SAA3010, RC0701, C19335010/01, RC2543/01, RC5536, RC7806, RC8205/01 28HFL5010T,32HFL5010T, 40HFL5010T, 48HFL5010T, 55HFL5010T, 32HFL5011, 40HFL5011, 43HFL5011, 49HFL5011, 49HFL7011, 55HFL5011, 65HFL7011 - 22AV1507A/12

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