Remote control repair - malfunctioning buttons.

We will professionally repair your remote control. We will repair malfunctioning buttons or a broken transmitter diode. This can be caused by, for example, a fall. If it were a more serious defect (which happens very rarely), we will contact you and agree on a repair. Alternatively, we will offer a new remote control. In order to be able to repair the remote control at a reasonable price, we need it not to be tampered with. Sticking the buttons with aluminum foil or cleaning the motherboard with sandpaper usually leads to the complete destruction of the remote control. If we are the first to fix a driver, we will fix 9 drivers out of 10. Read more ...

7.9 € (35 zł)
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5.9 €
Code: X0712#oprava tlačítek
Ovladač zabalte do malé krabičky, nebo bublinkové obálky a poštele poštou jako doporučený dopis. Do dalíčku vložte popis vady a také vaší adresu a telefonní číslo.  Zašlete na adresu. EMERX team s.r.o. Těšínská 204 Albrechtice 73543 tel: 608731174   Provádíme opravy dálkových ovladač IR i Bluetooth. Opravujeme také zlomená kolečka dálkového ovladače LG. (cca 500 kč) Kolečko si také můžete vyměnit sami. Najdete ho zde. 
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