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Supports up 4 devices - suports up 500 000 codes - warranty two years. This remote control no need code. Read more ...

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High quality universal remote control for TV, DVD, VCR, AUX, BD, DVD-R, SAT. DVB-T, Amplifier and others. You can program this remote control for your device via mini USB cable from your computer.

What exactly is a universal remote? Universal remote controls operate various electronic appliances, such as televisions, DVB-T boxes and many other devices. One for All offers a wide range of wireless control solutions.

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Best universal remote control

Looking for the best universal remote control? You have come to the right place, since we are the inventor of the universal remote control. Why should you choose our remote control PREDATOR.

They are user-friendly
We cover all brands, now and in the future
The remote controls have an easy set-up
Our code database is the largest and most comprehensive in the world. It is continuously updated with device codes for new products every day. This allows you to programme your remote as desired, controlling any brand or device.


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Customer inquiries  Write a question
Arto Selkälä
Can I operate my Sony bdp s3700 with this remote?

Bohumil Vesely
Yes we can program this remote control for your device. If you order it please leef note about your model in order.
Thank you for your question.
Bohumil Veselý
EMERX team


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