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Hisense ERF3AB80H replacement remote control with a different look

TESTING Náhradní dálkový ovladač Hisense NEPOTŘEBUJE KÓDY ERF3AB80H Dálkový ovladač TV - Hisense ERF3AB80H Pro model : 50A7GQ A21110C, 55A6G A21111J, 43A6G A21111K, 50A6BG A21240H, 43A6BG A21260U, 55A6BG A213702, 65A6BG A213703, 70A6BG A21390G, 43A7GQ A214205, 50A6BG A214207, 50A7GQ A214209, 55A7GQ A21420A, 65A7G A21420D, 43A63H A21420E, 58A6BG A21420F, 50A63H A21420G, 65A63H A214403, 43E7HQ A214404, 55A63H A214405, 65E7HQ A214407, 50E7HQ A214408, 55E7HQ A214409, 75A6BG A21480T, 75A7GQ A21510V, 43A6BG A21510X, 43E7HQ A21530F, 43A7GQ A21530G, 43A63H A21530H, 43A6BG A21530I, 43A6BG A22032T, 43A7GQ A22032U, 43A63H A22032W, 50A7GQ A22033A, A22033A, 43A63H A22033H, 55A6BG A22033J, 50A6BG A22033L, 43A7GQ A22033M, 43A6BG A220340, 58A6BG A220342, 55A7GQ A220344, 50A6G A220426, 65A6G A220428, A220428, 85A6BG A22043B, 65A6BG A22044K, 65A63H A22044M, 43A6G A22071Z, 55A6G A220721, 55A6BG A22081K, 55A63H A22081P, 43A6BG A222312, 50A6BG A222313, 50A7GQ A222314, 55A6BG A222315, 65A7G A222316, 58A7GQ A22231A, 43A7GQ A22231P, 55A6BG A222509, 55A7GQ A22260S, 58A7GQ A22260T, 43A7GQ A22310M, A22310M, A223202, 65A6BG A223202, 43A6BG A223407, 43E7HQ A22370N, 50E7HQ A22370P, 43A66H A22390Q, 75A6G A22390R, 75A7GQ A22390S, 85A6BG A22390T, 43A6BG A224309, 58A6BG A22440Y, 65A63H A224410, A224411, 65A6Bg A224411, 43A63H A22443E, 50A63H A22443F, 55A63H A22443G, 43A6Bg A22470U, 50A6Bg A22470V, 43E7HQ A22490P, 50E7HQ A22490T

13.8 € (61 zł)
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Code: X0976#ERF3AB80H
Explanation of this replacement remote control:

The replacement for the original Hisense remote control for this device is the branded EMERX PReDATOR remote control (in right), which has a different appearance (color, button layout, etc.), but the same functions as the original Hisense remote control. We offer the EMERX PReDATOR remote control as a cheaper alternative to the original remote control or because this original remote control is no longer manufactured. You do not have to program the remote control sent by us in any way. It will be set up exactly for your Hisense device, while retaining all the features.

Before using the remote control, insert new batteries and press the device selection button (eg TV, VCR / DVD, SAT, AUX - depending on the type of your device.). The remote control also has a simple manual that illustrates the features of the original Hisense remote control.

Service available

The remote control allows you to control up to 3 other devices. In addition to this remote control for Hisense allows you to program another 3 devices of any brand and model which we have on offer.

This means that it is possible to control up to 4 devices (eg TV, DVD, SAT, home theater). If you are interested in this additional service, please write down the models of other devices in the order note.

Price for programming 1 device is: 2 EUR.

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Hisense ERF3AB80H replacement remote control with a different look 13.8 €
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Total price: 13.8 €

Programming of other devices

We will program another device into the purchased PReDATOR remote control. We can program only the devices we have on offer. Ask for other devices. You can control with one remote control two devices, TV and SAT or DVD and TV. Write the model of other device in the order note.


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