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Hyundai RC1055, Gogen RC1055, Tesla RC1055, ORAVA RC1055 replacement remote control with the same description

DOES NOT NEED ADJUSTMENT. The replacement remote control has all the functions of the original. Replaces RC1055, RC1060, RC1070 remote controls. for example for HLH26915. Orava LT 822B, LT-822 A, Orava LT-681 B46B, Orava LT-822 B62B, Orava LT 822 B45MB, Orava lt-821d, Orava LT 708 B62B, Orava LT-400, LT-511, ORAVA LT-827 B62B , Orava LT-822C, Orava LT823 LED E62B, Orava LT 823 C45MB, Techwood NATUS X832A, Technique LCD32ID-207CE, LCD321D-207CE, Technique 42-910, TESLA 32LCD38 WHD, Tesla 26LCD45WDG HD, 32LCD45WDG HD, SEG TV 6262 , Sanyo RC1060, Gogen RC1825, Technika 19-942, 22-942, Technika LCD32-209X, Gogen TVL22800UMP2, Gogen TVL16155LED, Hyundai HLH32835DVBT, Hyundai HLH26751DVBT, Hyundai HLHW16855 DVBT, Hyundai HLB225B25T MD30329, Autovox AX32 DDV68, AX32 DDT08, AX32TFT05, AX32TFT16, Luxtronic BTV2123ASNDVB Read more ...

11.7 € (51.9 zł)
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5.9 €
Code: X3676#RC1055
RC47B-07C HLH22882DVBT HLH 26835 DVBT, Hyundai: HLH32835 DVBT, HLH32783DVBT, HLHW19882 DVBT, HLH26783 DVBT, HLH32745 DVBT, HLHW19896 DVBT, HLH26835 DVBT, DVBT, HLHW19855 DVBT, HLH22855, HLH22820 DVBT,HLHW-16820, HLHW16820 DVBT, HLH 26860 MP2R, HLH 22882 DVBT, HLH 26745 DVBT, HLHW16820 DVBT, HLH26915, LLH 32806 MP4,  Tesla: 32LCD45WD Gogen: LCD32950 Orava: LT824    LT824 b25b, LT-824 B25B Tesla 32LCD45WD,LT-400, LT-511, LT-511B (LT511), LT-570, LT680 (LT-680), LT-703, LT-704, LT-705 ( LT703, LT704, LT705), LT821, LT822, LT823, LT824, LT-951, LT-952 (LT952), LT1086, LT-1181, PM-424, PM-425, LT 822 B62B, LT400, LT511, LT570, LT703, LT704, LT821, LT823, LT824, LT951, LT1086, LT1181, PM424, PM425, LT822A, LT-822A, 32LCD45WD, LT824, tm426, tm-426  32LCD75WHD, 26LCD77WHD, 32LCD77WHD, 32LCD75, 26LCD77, 32LCD77  
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Hyundai RC1055, Gogen RC1055, Tesla RC1055, ORAVA RC1055 replacement remote control with the same description 11.7 €
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