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Panasonic RC42128M original remote control

Panasonic original remote control RC42128M, TX-43FX550E, TX-49FX550E, TX-55GX550E, TX43GX550E,TX43FX550E, TX43GX600, TX43GX610E, TX49FX550, TX49FX555E, TX55FX555E, TX55GX610E, TX65FX560E, TX32GS350E, TX40PS503E, TX-55GX550E, PANASONIC 30103574, RC42128M. The remote control is intended for the following PANASONIC models: TX-32JS360E, TX-39JS350E, TX-40EX603, TX-40EX620, TX-40EX633, TX-43EXW604, TX-43GX600E, TX-43GXW654, TX-49EX600B, TX-49EX603E, TX -49EXR600, TX-49EXW604, TX-49GX600E, TX-50HX580E, TX-55EX600B, TX-55EX600E, TX-55EX603, TX-55EX603E, TX-55EX620, TX-55EX633, TX-55EX604, TX-65EX600, TX-65EX603 04 , TX-EX600, TX32JS360E, TX50HX580E, TX55EXR600, TX65EX603E. Read more ...

18.8 € (83.5 zł)
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5.9 €
Code: X0107#30103574_ ame
TX-43GX555E,      TX-43GXW584,                    TX-43GX550E,      TX-50GXW584,                    TX-55GX600E,   TX-65GX565E,                    TX-58HXW584,    TX-65HXW584,   TX-55HXW584,   TX-55HX580E,     TX-43HXW604,   TX-55HXW604,   TX-65HXW604,   TX-55HX600E,   TX-43HX603E,     TX-50HX600E,   TX-50HX580E,   TX-43HX585E,   TX-43HX600E,   TX-55HX585E,     TX-50HXW584,   TX-24JSW354,   TX-32JS350E,   TX-65HX600EZ,   TX-43JS360E,     TX-43HX600EZ,   TX-65HX580E,   TX-43HX580EZ,   TX-43JXW634,   TX-50JXW634,     TX-55JXW634,   TX-65JXW634,   TX-43JXW604,   TX-55JXW604,   TX-50JXW604,     TX-43HXW584,   TX-43HX580E,   TX-65JXW604,   TX-50HX585E,   TX-32JS360E,     TX-43JX600E,   TX-43JX610E,   TX-43JX620E,   TX-50JX600E,   TX-50JX620E,     TX-55JX600E,   TX-55JX620E,   TX-55JX610E,   TX-65JX620E,   TX-65JX610E,     TX-65JX600E,   TX-50HX580EZ,   TX-55HX600EZ,   TX-32JSW354,   TX-39JS350E,     TX-39JSW354,   TX-50LXW634,   TX-65LXW634,   TX-43LX600E,   TX-43LX600EZ,     TX-65LX620E,   TX-55LX600E,   TX-65LX610E,   TX-43LX610E,   TX-50LX600E,    TX-24JS350E,                                                   
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