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Samsung 3F14000073330, 3F1400009103 replacement remote control for seniors


BASIC FUNCTIONS ONLY. Replacement remote control for Samsung TVs. Models in driver details. Replaces original SAMSUNG remote controls: 3F140000313, 3F1400003330, 3F1400004250, 3F1400007170, 3F1400007250, etc. Read more ...

12.3 € (54.4 zł)
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5.9 €
Code: Xsenior_0976#3F14000073330
Explanation of this remote control:

The ideal remote control for seniors, children and anyone looking for an easy and simple remote control. The remote control will come to you already programmed for your model.

Just insert the batteries and it works

Only basic functions can be controlled: On, Off, Volume, Programs, Inputs, OK and EXIT. On request, we can program the switching on and off of another device (Specify the model in the note in the order.) For example, if you buy a remote control for DVB-T, we will program another button to turn on the TV. TXT button on our senior remote control will be work as POWER/OF TV.

Nahrazuje originální dálková ovládání SAMSUNG: 3F1400003133F14000033303F14000042503F14000071703F14000072503F14000072513F14000072533F14000073113F14000073133F1400007330/II3F1400007410/II3F14-00009-103/IIREM07REM101REM23RM101TM07 Ovladač můžete použít pro tyto modely TV SAMSUNG : CB338HSF,RSFCB338ZSDCB346ZSDCB346ZSD,ZSE,ZSFCB346ZSECB346ZSFCB348ZCB349CB349ZCB384ZCB386ZSDCB386ZSD,ZSECB386ZSECB389ZSECB5012ZSECB512ZSDCB512ZSECB514ZSDCB514ZSDCB514ZSECB514ZSFCB514ZSFCB515ZSCB517CB519CB528ZECB528ZSD,ZSE,ZSFCB534ZECB536R,ZCB537ZCB542ZCB677ZCF348CF537CI537ZGCI541ZGCK512ZSECK5312Z CK541Z,ZSECK542ZSE CK-542ZSECR5012ZCW512CX3325CX338HSDCX338RCX338RSDCX346ZSDCX346ZSDCX346ZSECX348ZMECX348ZMECX3711ZGS/SEPCX3711ZSG/SEPCX3714CX3714CX389ZSDCX389ZSDCX5013Z(Iwer.)CX512ZSECX512ZSE/SGVCX514ZCX514ZSDCX514ZSECX528ZSDCX528ZSECX5312ZCX534?CX542ZSECX542ZSE/SGVXM37PROFIHILINECW5012Z 3F1400003133F14000033303F14000042503F14000071703F14000072503F14000072513F14000072533F14000073113F14000073133F1400007330/II3F1400007410/II3F1400009103/IIREM07REM101REM23RM101TM07 

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Samsung 3F14000073330, 3F1400009103 replacement remote control for seniors SAMSUNG - 3F14000073330, 3F1400009103 atd.
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