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Samsung QE50Q64T, QE50Q64TAS, QE50Q64TAU Replacement EMERX remote control, bluetooth with microphone

Replacement SAMSUNG Q60T series remote control. Same features and appearance as the original. QE50Q64TASXXN, QE50Q64TAUXZG, QE50Q64TAUXXC, QE50Q64TAUXZT, QE50Q64TAUXXH Read more ...

27.3 € (121.2 zł)
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5.9 €
Quality the same as the original. Made directly for the EMERX team. How do I pair the Smart controller with the TV? • Keep the TV on when trying to pair. • Hold the remote control at a distance of approx. 10-20 cm from the TV. Press the buttons at the same time to start pairing and the TV will inform you.
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Samsung QE50Q64T, QE50Q64TAS, QE50Q64TAU náhradný diaľkový ovládač EMERX, bluetooth s mikrofonem 27.3 €
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