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Sharp SHW-RMC-0102 original RF remote control without emitting diode

Original remote control - radio for Sharp TV SHW/RMC/0102 THE CONTROLLER MUST BE PAIRED TO THE TV ACCORDING TO THE INSTRUCTIONS. Leave the TV off in build mode and insert new batteries into the controller. Po té zmáčkněte na několik vteřin současně modré + žluté tlačítko (u některých verzí zelené a žluté, zkuste obojí) LC-32CHE6131E, LC32CHE6131E, LC32CHE6131E, LC32CHE6132E, LC32CFE6131E, LC32CFE6132E, LC40CFE6131E, LC40CFE6132E, LC40CFE6352E, LC43CFE6131E, LC43CFE6132E, LC49CFE6031E, LC- 49CFE6032E, LC49CFE6032E, LC50CFE6131E, LC50CFE6132E, LC-32CHE4040E(W), LC-32CHE4041E(W), LC-32CHE4042E(W), LC-32DHE4040E(W), LC-32DHE4042E(W), LC-40CFE4042E, LC-40CFE4240E, LC-40CFE4241E, LC-40CFE4242E, LC-43CFE4042E, LC-43CFE4140E, LC-43CFE4141E, LC-43CFE4142E, LC-49CFE4041E, LC-40CFE4041E, LC-40CFE4042E 24CHE4012, LC-32CHF5112E. Read more ...

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This original controller needs to be paired with the TV. This is a radio controller. Pairing instructions are part of the TV manual.
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