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Technology 32L-244 LED 32L224 LED replacement remote control of the same appearance

APPEARANCE AND FUNCTIONS AS ORIGINAL Replacement remote control, replica for: LED TV technology LED32L244 LED32L224. Also for Blaupunkt BB 42I156B, BW 23T189B, BP32K141B, 32/152 R-GB-3B HBKU, BR 32A 152TCHD, 32 / 122I - GB - 5B - HBKUP - EU, 39/210 / GB-5B-FHCUP-UK, 39 / 210I-GB-5B-FHCUP, X216 / 54G-gb-tcdup-eu, X23 / 50E-BL-FTCDUP4-EU, 9 / 210I-GB-5B-FHBCUP, 39 led 39/224, 32l-244b Read more ...

11.2 € (49.8 zł)
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5.9 €
X23/50G-BB-FTCDUP, X23/50E-BB-FTCDUP4-UKX26/56J-GBHCDUP-EU, 185/55G, W185/55G-GB-TCDU-UKTX26F56BHCDPE347LCD22C-244DWLCD19-220LCD22-220LCD23-231-BB BG BL BR Vision PlusX156-44EX185-44ESKY X23/50E, TV230FHD UMCX19-45EX22-45EX23-51ESKY X23/50EE-motion UMC X216/69G-GB-TCDUP-UK X22/14E-GB-TCDU-UK Grundig:32/1891-gb-5b-1hbku-de LCD22-243 s nahráváním Technika X23/50G-BB-FTCDUP, X23/50E-BB-FTCDUP4-UK LCD22C-244DW LCD19-220 LCD22-220 LCD23-231 22C-254  LED24-E242 LED 22-248 COM LED190248 Vision Plus X156-44E X185-44E UMC X19-45E X22-45E X23-51E  E.motion X216/69 G -GB -TCDU-EU  X216/69E-GB-TCU-UK   UMC, BLAUPUNKT XMU/RMC/0032    
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