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Vestel RCA4995 Remote control spare 23442983, 30092062 RC A4995 RC-A4995

Replacement remote control of the same appearance. NO NEED FOR PROGRAMMING OR PAIRING Used by many brands chasis Vestel, Gogen, Navon, Finlux, Hyundai, Saba, Telefunken, etc. Read more ...

11.2 € (49.5 zł)
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5.9 €
Code: X3708_66
Vestel RC4995 / RC-A4995 / 30092062 / LCD LED 3D HD TV MEDION RC4995 / RC-A4995 / MSN 40062185 MEDION LIFE X17032 MD 31206 MEDION LIFE X17034 MD 31207 MEDION LIFE X18089 MD 31208 MEDION LIFE X18210 MD 32021 MEDION LIFE X14903 MD 32030 Finlux 32FHA5620 Finlux 32-FHA-5620 Gogen TVF32N425STWEB Gogen TVF40N384STWEB Gogen TVF43N384STWEB Gogen TVH24N384STWEB Gogen TVH32N384STWEB Gogen TVU43S298STWEB Nabo 32LV5801 Nabo 43UV6100 Sulpice 43SULPUHD01B Sulpice 49SULPUHD02B TELEFUNKEN H65N03CW162 TELEFUNKEN H65N03CW16-2 TELEFUNKEN TE32287B35T2D TELEFUNKEN TE48282S25Z2K TELEFUNKEN TE55EUS25Z2M TELEFUNKEN TE55UHS24Z2P TELEFUNKEN TE65404G37T2P Edenwood ED2400HD Edenwood ED3204HD Edenwood ED4300UHD Edenwood ED4303FHD Edenwood ED4304FHD Edenwood ED4803FHD Edenwood ED5500UHD Edenwood ED5501UHD Edenwood ED6500UHD Edenwood ED6501UHD Edenwood ED65021UHD Continental Edison CELED39S0117B3 Continental Edison CELED48S0117B3 Continental Edison CELED49K0317B3 Edenwood RC-A4995 Digiquest RC4995 GEN4995 Life X17032 MD 31206, Life X14903 MD 32030 TELEFUNKEN, H43N03CW16, H43N03CW16-2, H65N03CW16, H65N03CW16-2, TE28SMB35Z2B, TE32287B35T2D, TE32SMB35Z2D, TE32SMS27T2D, TE43404G37Z2P, TE43SMB35Z2K TE48282S25Z2K, TE48SMS25Z2K, TE39SMB35Z2D, TE49UHS24Z2P, TE50282B35Z2K, TE50282S25T2K, TE50282S25T2K110, TE55UHS24Z2P, TE55EUS25Z2M, TE55287S25T2M TE65404G37T2P, TE65404G37T2, TFL48DFHD05B, TFL48DFHD05B, TFLS32HD287B17 CONTINENTAL EDISON, CELED32S0817, CONTINENTAL, EDISON, CELED39S0117 CELED39S011, CELED48S0117, CELED48S0117B3, CELED49K0317B3, CELED49PREMB3, CELED55PREMB3, CELED65PREMB, CELED39S0117B3, DIGIHOME, DH65UHD17B, FINLUX, 32FHA5620, 32-FHA-5620, EDENWOOD, ED2400HD, ED3204HD, ED3205HD, ED4300UHD, ED4303FHD, ED4304FHD, ED4803FHD, ED5500UHD, ED5501UHD, ED6500UHD, ED6501UHD, ED65021UHD, SABA, LE55PV17U, SULPICE, 43SULPUHD01B, 49SULPUHD02B, TV43SULPUHD01B, TV49SULPUHD0, HORIZON, 32HL7310H, 40HL7510U, 40HL8510U, 43HL7310F, 43HL7510U, 43HL8510U, 43HL9710U, 48HL7310F, 49HL7510U, 49HL8510U, 49HL9710U, 55HL7310F, 55HL7510U, 55HL8510U, 55HL9710U, DIGIQUEST, DGE32NETFLIX, DGE39NETFLIX, DGE55NETFLIX TECHWOOD, T39NF02C17, T50B03CWB17, T55B03CWB17, TELECO, TSV20D 32FHA5620 32FHC5620 43FUC5620 50FUC5620 Medion MD 31206, MD 32021, MD 32030  
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